Second Floor Scéance
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For Heaven’s Sake (1926)

Anders R. Naesset, The Pine Forest


Mario De Biasi
San Francisco, 1980.
From D’autres vies que la mienne

Gerhard Richter produced November, a series of 54 works in ink, in 2008. These works were created using a variety of ways to manipulate the consistency of ink as well as its flow on highly absorbent paper. The ink permeated through the sheets creating two related images, one on the front, one on the back of each of the altogether 27 sheets. In some cases Richter also applied lacquer or pencil.

Gerhard Richter
Ohne Titel (28.6.08)
Untitled (28.6.08)
10 cm x 15 cm
Varnish on colour photograph

Gerhard Richter
Zwei Kerzen - Two Candles
1982 150 cm x 100 cm 
Oil on canvas


Eugene Merinov, Lydia Lunch at Max’s Kansas City, NYC, 1978


Victoria Spivey (October 15, 1906 – October 3, 1976) 


Lochinvar. Exterior view of house. | Mississippi Department of Archives and History


Herbert List


Praktica LTL3 & Ilford Delta 3200 expired Jan2006.